Monday, March 23, 2015

"It´s the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!´´

Carta Semanal:

Last week, my companion and I hopped on a bus and went to Pelourinho. We got to go on the famous Elevator that everyone knows about and we bought some ice cream. I stuck with amendoim and milho verde again. Stuff is delicious. Today, we plan on going to the famous little market they have at the bottom of the elevator to buy some souvenirs with Ezeakiel and Christine, who are unfortunately leaving this week. It´ll be sad to see them go, but I know I´ll see them again after the mission. While we were there, we captured the interest of several people, due to our style of dress. There was a tour guide waiting by the entrance that apparently spoke English because we passed by, and with a thick accent he said, ´´It´s the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!´´ So we stopped and chatted a little. There´s also a music shop there in Pelourinho and I went and purchased the infamous Pablo album to send home as a lembrança da missão. We struck up a conversation about the Church and stuff like that with 2 ladies and a guy there. One of them was pretty funny, she told me in Portuguese that if she had a son that wanted to serve a mission out of Brazil, she wouldn´t let him! 

Things have been relatively smooth here with nothing big to report. We´re starting to have regular visits with a less active here named Bahia who had a bit of an interesting story. He was a member for a while and left the Church for wordly pursuits that eventually messed his life up a little. He´s been coming back to Church the past couple of weeks and he pulled me aside the week after i gave my talk in Church and said that my talk really helped and strengthened him and that he wants the Elders to meet with him regularly now. I remember when he told me that, i was kind of blown away at first. I remember I prayed before I started writing my talk that my talk would impact at least 1 person, if not the whole ward, to the extent of moving them to change in a good way. After I gave it, I didn´t think it had much of an impact. I got compliments, sure, but I didn´t want to give a talk that everyone comes up to you after and says, ´´Oh! Elder Skinner, muito bom! Gostei!´´ when they didn´t really listen to even a tenth of it and that it  would be thrown away after it was given. God answered my prayer for sure. Bahia is a good guy and I´m glad to see that he was touched by what the Lord had helped me prepare. 

No funny sleep stories as of this week, XD The language has been going well and continuing to get better. Beatriz, the pregnant lady who gave me my first lunch here in Salvador recently had her baby girl (Rebecca) and we went to say hi and everything. She said that I´ve become a Brazilian because I´m talking a lot now. 

Elder Graça´s been a scumbag lately. This is his last transfer and he´s been sure to make a point about it. Literally 20 minutes ago, he sent me a link to a video compilation of missionaries returning home and his morning playlist consists of RM music. He always gives me a look when he starts up the music and everything, it´s hilarious. He assures me that I´ll be doing the same thing with the greenies once I´m in his shoes. Safado. 

As of yet, nothing else to report. Hopefully next week will be a better one. Until next time! Love you guys!

-Elder Skinner

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