Monday, March 9, 2015

Eu posso orar?

Carta Semanal:
os Resultados da Transferência:
Élder Graça - Ficar
Élder Varela - Ir embora.
Élder Costa e Silva - Ficar.
Élder Skinner - Ficar! :)
Yep! Looks like I´ll be staying in 7 de Abril for one more transfer. For me, I´m happy about it. If I could have it my way, I´d stay in 4 areas for the maximum amount of time (6 months or so) because I don´t like moving and packing my suitcases very much. Anyway, there´s a very good chance I´ll be returning back to my portion of the area with Costa e Silva and Graça will be ending his mission with a different companion. I guess we´ll see tomorrow but the odds are as such. For me, I´d like to be the missionary to ´´kill´´ Graça (when a missionary goes home, his last companion ´´kills´´ him. #missionaryJargon.) But either way, I´m happy to stay.
Então, o que aconteceu esta semana? Well, last P-day, Élder Graça and I went to a part of Salvador called ´´Ribeiro´´ with Ezeakiel and Christine. We took a rather long bus ride there, and went to a famous ice cream parlor that had all sorts of flavors. For me, I had ´´Amendoim´´ (peanut) and ´´Milho Verde´´ (green corn). Now before you start judging the green corn, yáll don´t even know. Words can´t describe it. The flavor is like you´re eating a rather sweet cob of corn with butter. So good. It was a recommendation from Christine. #ThreeThumbsUp. We also had a 2 baptisms (one Saturday and one Sunday). One of them, (my first), I baptized a boy named Sávio. I don´t understand the whole situation of the family, but basically, they´re all less-actives and the father likes the Church, but he left because he wanted to be Bishop and obviously, the Church of Jesus Christ isn´t a Church of ´´Rise through the ranks´´ if you will. But anyway, it was a good experience. He told me he thought it was cool that an American was going to baptize him. I enjoyed talking and teaching him and gave him one of the CTR rings Mom mailed me. Speaking of which, apparently when we were teaching, I talked too fast in Portuguese according to him. I had to slow down. I never thought I would hear such words uttered before.

It was also Zeak´s Birthday this week, as you were already aware through Facebook. We had some spare time and stopped at a ´´Padaria´´ and Graça and I split some money to purchase a chocolate cake. We got to chatting a little and it was a good time.
Oh yes! I also have some more funny sleep stories to tell. To explain, I´ve been sleeping in the room where Graça sleeps until the transfer ends and above the bed where Varela was sleeping, there´s a thing to hang up ties and clothes that looks a little like a ladder and it´s bolted to the wall with nails and cord. Anyway, part of the cord broke in the middle of the night and my upper body ended up buried in my ties, suit, and suit pants. As soon as I realized my unfortunate mishap, the very first thing I said while I was shaking off a few ties was, ´´O quê porcaria é isso?!´´ which in Portuguese is roughly ´´What the crap is this?!´´. Also, one morning, Graça told me that one night, he woke up for some reason and heard me saying a few things in English in my sleep and he said he didn´t understand. Then out of nowhere, I started to say, ´´Eu posso orar? Eu posso orar? Eu vou orar!´´ Yep, even in my sleep completely unaware, I am speaking Portuguese.

Anyway, not much else. I did remember to mark some things I´ve noticed about Salvador lately that are a little noteworthy. Um, first of all, really hot. I´m super grateful that Summer here is about to end. Even when there´s cloud coverage and it´s a relatively brisk day, you can feel sweat running down your back. It´s not pleasant. Something funny I noticed is that the people here eat Halls here like candy. You know the cough drop medicine that we take in the States? Yeah, it´s literally grouped together with the candy here. I don´t get it. Salvador also has Moto Taxis here. I don´t remember if they even have those in the States, but yeah. Basically people sit around with a motorcycle and a spare helmet and you can pay them to take you to places. Salvador also has street vendors literally everywhere. The majority of the vendors sell either Acarajé, Candy, Water, or Popsicles. Sometimes they enter the buses while you´re transiting to and fro and start to yell, ´´Picolé! Apenas um real. Picolé, Picolé!´´. Or sometimes they start shouting at the front of the bus, trying to catch your attention and they start to tell stories about people who are sick or religious things and tell you that you can donate money and he´ll give you candy. It´s rather annoying sometimes.
I think that´s all I got for this week. I hope you all had a great week! Love you guys! Until next time! :)

-Élder Skinner

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