Monday, May 4, 2015

´´Happy 7 Months´´

Carta Semanal:

I remember before being transfered how sad I was to have to leave 7 de Abril but now looking back, I´m glad I´m not there anymore. This area is just much better in every way. We actually have a chapel that has AC, the ward is bigger and the people are friendlier, and overall, the area is just a lot prettier to be at. Here and there, we see some little community farms that some people in the neighborhood all manage. We see a lot of dogs, horses, donkeys, and chickens throughout the area.The only thing that gets tough here is the heat. Sunday yesterday was terrible after eating lunch at a member´s house. Imagine stuffing your face with lasagna and mousse de maracujá (passionfruit mousse) and having to step out into a blazing heat to start working again. I can´t tell you how much I just wanted to go jump in my bed and hibernate for the next couple months. Regardless, it was a good day. It got cloudy around the evening time and we had some good breezes. Something interesting about Petrolina is that even when it looks like a hurricane is about to destroy the city, it never rains. Just a little bit of wind and that´s about it. 

Not a whole lot to report on my end in all honesty. Last P-day, we went to the city, withdrew some mission money, walked around, and that´s about it. Apparently Mission President gave permission for us to watch little movies, like Disney Movies, on P-day if we don´t ever have anything else to do, so that´s what Elder Macalupú and I did. I only ever really watch some of the movies on P-days when I´m eating breakfast or nightime on P-days before I go to sleep but Elder Macalupú watches them a little more throughout the week. Other than that, P-day was just a day of relaxing. We slept in a little bit too, which was pretty awesome. Just been a bit of a lazy day more or less.

This week, the majority of our Zone (Petrolina and Juazeiro) have gotten together near the center of the city in a chapel to start doing a musical. I was more or less obligated to do it because Macalupú signed us up the week before I was even transfered, so yeah. Joy. It´s a musical about the MTC, so until now, we´ve been practicing lines and such. From what I´ve practiced so far, my role is ´´Elder Clark´´, and American Missionary at the MTC who has struggles with learning the language. One of my lines, I´m supposed to speak a phrase in English (´´Here in a little while, I´m going to leave the MTC and I´m not going to be able to speak anything in Portuguese!´´) , and when I went to say it, it sounded soooo weird! I said ´´Here in a little while..´´ and stopped and laughed with everyone else, because it was so weird the way it sounded. I suppose because it´s been several months that I´ve spoken English extensively. I spoke a little here and there with Costa e Silva but 95% of my speaking was Portuguese with him. I won´t lie, it´s been kind of fun until now, but it was written, as far as I know, from a member of the church. He gave each of us a script, and it has poor grammar and it´s literally all mashed together and not separated like it´s supposed to be, so it´s borderline impossible to tell when a line ends and when another begins. We started our first song too. I don´t like to be a downer, but it´s awful. The tune is like 3 notes and the rhyme schemes are pitiful. I´d rather be using my time studying instead of having to waste bus money that can´t be reimbursed to have to deal with this, but other than that, it´s fun to mess around with some of the other missionaries too.

Yesterday´s Sunday was good too. I saw the same little girl that calls me Superman, and now there are two boys a little bit younger than Tommy that call my companion ´´Elder Melancia (watermelon)´´ because APPARENTLY , Elder Macalupú has a head that looks like a watermelon and me ´´Elder Vampíro (Vampire)´´ because of my hair style and my super bright eyes. Because that makes sense. Regardless, I got a kick out of it. The other day too, I found those same exact 4 boys that told me to speak English when we were walking through the dirt road that one day. When they saw us, all of them were all like, ´´Fale Inglês! Fale Inglês!´´ and all I said the first time was, ´´Não falo inglês, desculpa´´, but they weren´t buying it. ´´Eu sei que fala inglês!´´ and such. It was funny. This time I appeased them and messed around with them. It was rather hilarious to hear them mimic the same tones that I made speaking English in an attempt to say what I said. I told them that we were missionaries and said what we do a little, but they didn´t seem to be interested, as expected. 

We had a District Meeting the other day, and Sister Brito surprised me with a little sign that she made that said ´´Happy 7 Months´´ and the District all congratulated me. It was pretty sweet. Sister Brito is pretty funny. She has 5 months here on the mission and she´s from Cape Verde. She likes to poke fun and mess with me a lot so sometimes we ´´fight´´ and joke with each other. 

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