Monday, June 22, 2015

We Have Hot Water

Carta Semanal:

To be honest, this week passed by even faster than the last. In reality, almost nothing has happened but I´ll try and share what I remember.

Last P-day, we spent with João in the center of Petrolina. He had to return some church pants that his aunt gave him and i was needing to buy some new pants for myself, so it worked out. We also went to what´s called the ´´tourist area´´ in the center, which basically has a bunch of random little trinkets you can buy and what not. We also decided to lunch in this little tourist area and we each got a decent plate of food for literally just R$5, which is dirt cheap. It´s literally cheaper than the lunches they serve at schools, and a lot better. 

Wednesday, we did a companionship exchange, and for the third time, i went to the area of our zone leaders but this time, with Elder Mitton, who´s our new zone leader along with Elder Pasqualini, who was Elder Ramirez´s companion for the day. Elder Mitton´s pretty swell. He was the financial secretary of the mission since before i arrived and so I had the chance to know him just a little bit through short phone calls when we needed help with a problem with our house. He´s from Oregon actually and he´s getting ready to return home around the same time that Elder Rivera returns home. I expected to have a good time and speak English and relax a little with him, but I think about 99% of the time, we just conversed in Portuguese. I didn´t have any trouble understanding because there was no need to decipher his accent, so it was pretty good. It was kind of funny because at the end of the day, I asked Elder Mitton some things i can improve on as a missionary, and the first thing he said is that I need to speak Portuguese slower. He made a joke that by the time he says his first 3 words, I´ve already said 3 whole sentences. Hahaha. 

just a week of working here and there. We´ve been working with a mother and two sons on getting baptized. The mom, Ana Lucia, we met doing a simple street contact and whenever we returned to teach her and it just so happened that she wasn´t there, we taught her sons, Ivanderson and Edson. All 3 of them have this desire to be baptized and we managed to throw a date on Ana Lucia and Ivanderson, but our experiences with them have been interesting. From what I´ve noticed, they have a depth of understanding that is very very low. Sometimes it appears that they don´t fully comprehend what it means to be baptized and every time we return to teach a lesson and accompany what we last taught, they don´t appear to remember literally anything that we taught last time. Regardless, they have a desire to go to church, so we´re going to stick with them and help teach them some more. 

This sunday, we had a stake conference here in Petrolina and President and Sister lisonbee came and participated by bearing their testimonies. They´re both just such great people and I feel super grateful to have them. President Lisonbee said that he´s strongly considering putting two more elders in our house once again, which made me super happy. Our house gets super quiet and i miss having two other missionaries to talk to sometimes. It´s always nice after a long day to share funny/cool stories with some other elders and laugh and joke around every once in a while. The only annoying thing is that you have to share bathrooms, but I prefer to have two other missionaries. By the way, our shower is fixed and now we have hot water :) I returned after our division and Elder Ramirez informed me that Elder Pasqualini adjusted a new shower head and now we have hot water. Not going to lie, it´s pretty awesome to have it back. 

This Pday, we´re once again with our district! Sister amorim knows a member here and we´re going to have lunch with them and it should be good! We have to stop at a store to buy some Coca-Cola. Hope it turns out good :) I´ll be sure to ask Elder ramirez if I can use his camera every once in a while to send pictures. Anyway, love you guys a ton! Until next time!

-Elder Skinnerão XD

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