Monday, November 30, 2015

Invasão da Salsicha

Weekly letter:

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Nothing special to report. Earlier in the week, I had gotten a bit of the cold or a flu of some kind and felt muscle aching, sore throat, coughing, and a bit of a headache but it wasn´t anything debilitating and I was still able to work. Nevertheless, at the end of almost every day, I came out exhausted.
We had our comp. exchange with the Assistants but it ended up being real quick as we also had a zone meeting which wasn´t very memorable. I did come out with a stronger desire to talk with more people however so it ended up being good.
For the past few days, we´ve been trying to plan a pday to actually do something but nothings ever actually came up. There´s a recent-convert in our area named Eduardo that I think I already told you guys about last week that´s been wanting to have a barbecue american style. Look up how they do barbeques because they´re different here. We´ll probably end up doing it next week who knows. Lately our pdays have just been lanhouse and subway for lunch. Just days of relaxing and whatnot but it´s gotten to be a bit boring. Today it might just be the same thing.Inline image 14
Something random but Elder Bacca and I found something rather funny. Apparently there´s a road near our area called ´´invasão da salsicha´´ (literally invasion of the sausage). Elder Bacca went on making a bunch of random jokes about it and it ended up being pretty funny. Apparently the creators of the city ran out of names or something I don´t know.

So yeah, that´s about all I have to say this week. It´s been a bit of a struggle trying to teaching people ready to be baptized or people who even have such potential. It seems every time we get close, we end up hitting a brick wall and these people don´t end up progressing which saddens me. I only hope that this week things get better. Until then, I love you all as always!
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-Elder Skinner

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