Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Luis Eduardo Magalhães

Carta Semanal:

This week, we finally moved houses to the upper part of the house where President Macedo lives, and our house is much better, a little colder, cleaner, and safer. I´ll be sure to send some photos of the house to you guys.

We had a zone meeting in our neighbor town called ´´Luis Eduardo Magalhães´´ earlier this week so I got to go see another city in Bahia. The meeting itself was rather cool and we really focused on our missionary purpose, using time wisely, and setting goals. I really liked the setting goals part as it really opened my eyes a little more about not just setting goals on the misison but going beyond an setting life goals I feel as though until now in life, I´ve had vague dreams about things I want to accomplish or things that I want to happen in life but never really sat down and thought things through, so I was grateful for that little training that was given.

Our last few pdays have been pretty uneventful. Just relaxing and having lunch for the most part. There´s next to nothing to do here in Barreiras and it´s so dang hot every day that we do our best to avoid the blaring sun, and plus it´s nice to relax after a long week. Things get stressful every oncei n a while but Elder Laurindo´s really helped me to vent things out calmly. Nothing of the sort that causes fights or contention between us 4, just the normal mission routine gets stressful at times but in spite of it all, things are going well. 

I know this letter was rather ´´molezão´´, but because of the holiday that happened yesterday, I don´t have too much time to write. I will, however, have some great photos for you all next week. Love you guys!


-Elder Skinner

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