Monday, December 21, 2015

No P-day Today

Dear Family,

So today, I won´t have time to write to you guys but President Lisonbee gave us permission to write to you guys real quick just like last year to confirm plans and what not. Things are well here, everybody´s safe and sound. Our new companion in our house is Elder Teasley from California and he´s a great guy. I´m once again district leader and our zone has a lot of americans now and a lot are new hahaha.

Anyway, we´re still trying to arrange things. I think we´re going to have a christmas dinner with Eduardo but probably we´ll talk with you guys on Skype with Ronald (because Ronald wants to meet you guys). As far as the hour goes, we still haven´t decided anything. I still have no idea if we´re still going to have lunch with Joanita. Most likely yes so be prepared for around 1:30-3 o´clock for us to start talking with you (remembering that we´re 4 hours ahead of you guys, so around 9am-12pm. This week, we´re going to continue trying to set things up with Ronald and Eduardo and I´ll tell them to send you updates (or do it myself at Eduardo´s house). 

All in all, sorry for not establishing a certain time to talk to you guys. Just be prepared from morning until the afternoon with emails, reminders and whatnot because I really don´t know. I have plenty of pictures to send home but it looks like I won´t be sending them today. Love you guys a lot and can´t wait to talk to you guys!

-Élder Logan Brent Skinner
Missão Brasil Salvador (Outubro 2014-2016)
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