Monday, January 18, 2016

Molho Fraco

Carta Semanal:

Elder Teasley and I have started giving english classes in the church every Saturday from 18h to 19h and it´s been pretty cool! We´ve had two days already but our first one, nobody showed up because we didn´t plan much beforehand but two days ago, Elder Teasley and I grabbed a chalkboard and did a little activity with the members of the church that came. We just spoke english really slow and of course nobody ever understood anything but we let them say out loud in Portuguese what they thought it was that we were saying and everytime somebody nailed it, we would point at them. It had some elements of charades but it was really fun. It gets me pumped up for Saturdays.

Every monday before leaving to work on our pdays, we have a little house council to discuss how things are going between us 4 and we always make little updates and changes to best make sure that there is both justice and mercy in our house. One of the things that we updated with the whole dirty dishes things is that instead of a box of chocolates, that person has to buy a dozen bananas for each of us because Elder Teasley and I are only eating sugary things and what not on the weekends and pdays now and Elder Bacca and Elder Marim both ended up with 3 strikes and bought us a ton of bananas. But it´s finally starting to work. There aren´t any more dirty dishes being leftover night. I´ll show you the pictures of our joys with the bananas we got hahah.

Inline image 1
Today we also played some basketball with some of the young men of the branch and had a 4v4. Elder Teasley and I went against each other but he actually plays basketball so I barely played better than the others did haha. It was fun though and I can tell that Eduardo also liked it as he went with us.Inline image 7
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Can´t think of much else to say, but I feel like my letters are becoming ´´molho fraco´´ these days so I´ve been thinking about throwing in some more spiritual experiences and scriptures that happen each week. In a visit with Eduardo and his mom, we were about to leave when she asked us for a blessing of health to help her with some back pains she was having, which kind of made things a little awkward. Marjori, his mom, is a really nice lady who at one time was also having the missionary discussions but later stopped because she wasn´t progressing with stopping smoking and reading the Book of Mormon. So we explained it to her that the blessing will only work if she has faith and if it´s the Lord´s will and she accepted. We gave her the blessing and as soon as the blessing ended, she told us, ´´Thank you, Elders. My back pain is gone!´´ and I was amazed. Like it wasn´t anything serious but it was crazy because she was kind of complaining about the aching about how it was started to get really uncomfortable and then out of nowhere, it was just gone. Today after we played basketball, we returned Eduardo to his home and now she´s saying that she wants to quit smoking for good so Elder Marim and I are going to have to really focus on helping her because she´s tried so many times in the past and when she really has the desire, she can almost do it. Please pray for our success with her :)

Not too much else but I look forward to writing you all next week. 

Love you all!

-Elder Skinner

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