Monday, February 1, 2016

1 year 4 months

Carta Semanal:
Ok, so not too much happened this week but I´d like to tell you guys how the transfers went. Elder Teasley and Elder Marim will be staying and Elder Bacca and I will be leaving. Elder Bacca will be going to a ward in Salvador called ´´Bonfim´´ and I´m going to be district leader once again in a city called ´´Jacobina´´, which is a few hours from Petrolina I imagine. My companion will be Elder A. Gomes, who´ve I´ve kind of already met before but I haven´t talked a whole lot with him. I know he has more time on the mission than me so it kind of blows me away that I´ll be leading the work with a bunch of more seasoned missionaries. Either way, I´m pretty anxious about how it´s going to be. For a few transfers, President Lisonbee had 4 assistants but now he´s only going to have two and the other two that aren´t going to be assistants anymore are going to be in my district, so I´m super excited about that because it´ll make me want to work harder.
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Our pday was good and us 4 went up the nearby mountain in Barreiras close to some of the radio antenas and got some sweet pictures. We went up with a few of the youth of the ward and had a great time. I´ll be sure to send you some pictures today or at least next week.
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I made cookies for a few of the members here as a small token of gratitude for the ones that I knew. It was neat and a lot of the members even asked me for the recipe afterwards :-)Last week was pretty quick but Elder Teasley and I last monday put some money together and made some makeshift refried bean chimichangas with enchilada sauce and they turned out pretty good.
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We also had another district meeting and I did a companionship exchange with Elder Shull, who´s a new missionary from Ohio and had a good time talking with him. He was a pretty funny guy and we even got to teach another english class together but nobody had really showed up but it was fun.
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Anyway, I don´t have a whole lot else to say, I´m just excited to see what Jacobina and my new companion have in store. I´m not too sure if I like the whole new system of transfering missionaries because I basically have to go home now and pack my bags but I´m pretty pumped. It´s kind of funny the feelings you get as you leave an area and go to the next one. You feel like you´re starting a new life all over again and it´s pretty weird but exciting at the same time. Elder Marim sure was a good guy and he´s gotten a lot better and I have no doubts he´ll do well without me and we´ll be sure to keep in touch every once in a while.

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We don´t have a whole lot of time today because Elder Teasley and I wanted to go to a little tshirt store and make a custom distict tshirt as a little memory of this area so we´re going to have to go there now. Just want you all to know that I read all your letters and I´m happy to know you guys had a great week. Love you all and I´m excited to tell you about the week that´s about to happen. PS, 1 year 4 months!
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