Monday, February 29, 2016


Weekly Letter:

The missionaries from Senhor do Bonfim and from Irecê came to Jacobina as it´s the midway point and we had our zone meeting here although it was super quick. I also got my packages from them and later learned that it was a mistake as now several of the Elders are now asking me for some of the ties that I was sent but I don´t think I´m going to give them certain ties they asked for because some of them are easter ties that both Dad and Tommy have, so those ones are off limits hahah. But they did like the Pop rocks though. There are 10 missionaries in the zone including me so I gave away all 9 of the packets to the zone. I wish I could´ve gotten a picture but I didn´t bring my camera. I´ll try sending an email to the elders to get a photo of our whole zone though.

Today, we ate a breakfast of pancakes that I had made with the maple syrup that I was sent too at Caio´s house, a young man from the ward who I´ve grown to like a lot. He´s a funny kid and we ended up spending some time talking and hanging out at his house and then later going to buy things to make lunch and had lunch with him as well. Just another day of rest because this week, I must´ve gotten bit by a mosquito or something because I started feeling sick this week and I still have some soreness below my ribs. It´s the kind of pain you get as if you were running for a while and you have a stitch in your side. Luckily, I don´t have any more muscle soreness, fever or headache like I did and I imagine this week, I´ll feel a lot better. The members were real concerned with me and I even remarked to Elder Gomes later that they were more worried about me than I was for myself hahaha. Our branch president had a little activity/birthday party for his 1 year old daughter and so Elder Gomes helped with setting up everything and I basically napped in the branch president office with air conditioning and a little cushion with a pillow. They gave me medicine and every once in a while a member would stop by to see how I was doing. I thought it was kind of funny and sweet the concern but I ended up being fine. I just needed rest and lots of water. I also made more cookies for some of the members here that turned out to be the best that I´ve made thus far. All of them liked the cookies and it looks like I´ll be making some more and giving out the recipe I had found! I love the members here. I don´t feel like I´ll be staying here too long but If I had to stay for a few more transfers, just the members alone would make me be happy. 

I finally had the chance to read the talks from the October conference in english and I really liked the talks from President Uchtdorf that talks about two topics. One has a title of something like ´´a visit to great aunt rose´s´´ and the other is called ´´it works wonderfully!´´. They´re both some talks that I really liked and I wanted to invite all of you to read them. 

Hope you all have a most excellent week and party on, dudes!

-Elder Skinner

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