Monday, March 21, 2016

It's Been A Normal Week

Elder Gomes and I took a bus from Jacobina to Senhor do Bonfim to wait for our new Zone Leader and for Elder Castro to get there. The transfers were a bit of a confusion and I ended up sleeping two nights in the zone leaders´ house instead of 1, but it was pretty cool. Elder H. Santos is living in Bonfim and the guy is hilarious and we became friends when I met him chatting with Elder Costa e Silva at the Christmas Conference. Speaking of Elder Costa e Silva, last week was his last week on the mission and he´s finally returned to São Paulo. He called me one night last week and we got to chatting a little bit and I said goodbye to him. I sure am going to miss my buddy Costa e Silva. My last senior companion to go home and the non-brazilian sisters of my group have also gone home as well. It´s crazy to think that ´´technically, I´ve served a sister´s mission hahaha. 

It´s been a normal week, not too much to say as always. The house has gotten a little bit more lively with the addition of another companionship in our house. Elder Barbosa is from Porto Velho, Rondônia and is companion is Elder B. Costa from Curitiba, Paraná. Elder Barbosa like I said last week, is my old zone leader and I used to think he was more serious but it turns out the dude is a total clown. He jokes around more than anything so it keeps me pretty happy. Elder Barbosa brought some weights with him in his suitcase to work out so him and I are going to be pumping iron in the morning.  Elder B. Costa learned a little bit of english before the mission through listening to music and watching movies so I´ll probably be helping him this transfer with his english. 

Anyway, I´ve been showing Elder Castro around the area. Unfortunately, Sueli doesn´t appear to be interested in continuing learning about the gospel. Looks like now isn´t her time. But President Lisonbee, I found out, sent Elder Barbosa and Elder B. Costa here because he wants them and us to clean up the area a bit with the membership directory. You see Jacobina has about 20 years with the church here and so there´s a LOT of less-actives and so it looks like Elder Castro and I are going to go looking for less-actives to rescue. 

I don´t have a whole lot else to say but I´m super happy now that there´s 4 of us in a house and I´m excited for the rest of this transfer. 

Love you all a ton and I´ll see you next week!


We went to a place to eat pizza for dinner, rodizio style where they bring you unlimited pizza until you don´t eat anymore.
A gente foi para um lugar de pizza de estilo rodízio onde eles trazem pizza sem limite até não comer mais

I thought this was really funny. Elder H. Santos has an mp3 player of the grim reaper. It wouldn´t be as funny if he wasn´t playing EFY music.
Achei isto muito engraçado. O Elder H. Santos tem uma caixa de som do Ceifador. Não teria tanta graça se não estivesse tocando música do EFY.

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