Monday, December 28, 2015

Stammering a Bit

O que aconteceu na semana?
(Carta Semanal)

Yeah, so we pretty much said everything in our Christmas conversation so I doubt I´ll have a lot to say today. Us 4 are doing well and nobody appears to be homesick or the like. Needless to say, everyone of us ended up having some teary eyes at the end of talking with our families hahah. Later that night, we returned to Eduardo´s house, had a family home evening and baked some gingerbread that I had made the night before at the christmas eve dinner but there wasn´t any time to bake and eat them. They turned out really good and everyone loved the gingerbread :) I made it using a recipe on a brazilian site so I had to bake something using a recipe in Portuguese, no big deal.
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I suppose not much else to say.

Elder Teasley told me afterwards that every once in a while when I was talking to you guys on Skype, that I said a few funny things and my grammar was a little botched up so I thought that was pretty funny. I felt like at times I was speaking really fast and at other times, I was stammering a bit. I hope you guys were able to understand me and not get too annoyed or anything hahaha. I´m really enjoying Portuguese though. For our language studies, I like to sit down and study new words to know what to say in every moment and I find it really fun! I hope that when I get home I can study other languages as well.
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I can´t remember much else but I´ll be sure to include any missed things in my next letter. Love you all!

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