Monday, January 4, 2016

A Visit to 7 de Abril

Carta Semanal:

So as Elder Teasley I´m sure has told you, I wasn´t able to have my p-day yesterday because today (Tuesday) will be our pday and tomorrow we´ll be having a leadership meeting with all of the mission district leaders, zone leaders, assistants to the President and President Lisonbee. I don´t really know why we have to spend our pday here but it´s pretty neat. I´m here with Elder Keller who i had done a companionship exchange when I was still in Petrolina a while ago and it´s cool to spend a pday in Salvador. Right now I´m in the LAN house that I used to use when I was in 7 de Abril, but I just got a call from Elder Williams as I´m typing this that apparently I have to be in Cabula at 2pm to have an interview that he´s going to do with each missionary. Kind of sad that I´m not going to be able to see the members here in 7 de Abril but oh well. What´re ya gonna do.

The bus ride from Barreiras to here was safe and I pretty much sleeped throughout the trip. On our normal pday like you already know, I couldn´t write because Elder Keller and I were working in our area which turned out alright.

Not too much else to say, but my birthday was celebrated on the 2nd when Ronald surprised me with the other Elders. I kind of already knew what was happening when I saw them but Elder Bacca pretended that he needed to talk to me privately to vent about some stress and then out of nowhere when I was trying to comfort him, they bursted into the room and started singing happy birthday in English and we had some chocolate cake hahah. It was neat and I even decided to open up the presents I had gotten and I was super happy to get them all :) I would send you all pictures but I don´t have time at the moment because we have to run to Cabula here in a few.

New Years was great too but not a whole lot happened because we can´t do much as missionaries. We just went to Eduardo´s grandma´s house and had some dinner and mostly just spent some time with Eduardo. You can tell the kid loves us and I sure love the guy as well. It´ll be sad to have to leave when the time comes but he tells me that when I get home that we´ll keep in touch so it will be great. We had a curfew to be at home at 11pm as long as we had a ride home so we showed up at 11pm and just waited for the fireworks and what not to come. Our neighborhood was booming with music and it made it rather difficult to sleep and even when we all woke up at 6:30, the music was still going on. It was crazy but all of us still managed to sleep.

To everyone that wrote me that´s not just immediate family, I apologize for not being able to write (Zeak, Hayli, Elder Rivera, John and Kendra). Just want you guys to know i love you guys and miss you all! Hope the new years festivities were good as well and.. until we see each other next week!

-Elder Skinner

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